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Emcomat 8.6 Lathe



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Emcomat 8.6 Lathe

Information on this lathe seems to be scattered about the internet so I thought I would consolidate useful information here as I collect it. Let's keep these old machines turning metal!

Emcomat 8.6 Lathe


The lathe was purchased at a city of Phoenix surplus sale. It seemed to be covered in saw dust as if it was being used for wood work and the cross slide dial housing was broken. I took my time disassembling and cleaning and was glad to see the motor start up and turn the chuck with no problems in the transmission. I machined a new housing for the cross slide and I was on my way making metal chips!


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First time in action

Emcomat 8.4 and 8.6 Manuals
These are the parts and operator manuals for the Emcomat 8.4 and 8.6 lathe. The operator manual is in German. The parts manual is in English, French and German languages. Right click on the file name and select download.

Operator Manual(1,672 KB)

Parts Catalog(1,973 KB)

Tool Post
The toolpost I am using is a clone of a Phase II Hobby. It is 65% scale of a series 100. It looks like a series 100 would have fit too but this fits my needs. Two modifications were needed to fit this post. First is that the Emcomat uses a M8 stud for holding the stock tool holder. The tool post requires a M10 hold down. To solve this I machined a bushing that also serves as a quick release handle from cold roll steel. The second modification is that the tool holders have to be at the bottom of the tool post height range and the 5/16" bits I use just fall on center. My 0.5" parting tool is too tall. The adjusting studs on the tool post needed to be lengthened to reach the bottom of the height range too. I machined about 0.100 off of the height of my cross slide to improve the situation and I am going to leave it like that for now. I will need to have a 0.100" spacer plate for when I switch back to the old stock tool holder.

Hold down

Tool Post

There are two collet holding systems for this lathe shown in the parts manual. One is a quick release holder that bolts to the front of the lathe. I have never seen one of these. The second is an adapter that bolts to the front of the spindle (shown below) with a draw bar that passes through the spindle. I don't have the draw bar but that is easy enough to make. The hard part is finding the L20 collets that fit the spindle and adapter.

Change Gears
I did not get a set of change gears with my Emcomat 8.6. Unfortunately they are no longer available. I was able to find a set of new change gears for a Compact 8 on ebay which is a close match. Here I will describe how to make a complete set of change gears.

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